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Gino Cimmino’s story is a life of passion and tenacity.
He was just fourteen when he apprenticed in Naples, a city well known for sewing tradition, dealing with the great couturiers of the time and perfecting his precious art of sewing.
And it is still very young, in his early twenties, when he takes out on his own, bravely taking an uphill battle.
His natural talent and his love for his job as well as a strong personality has allowed Gino Cimmino to establish itself as one of the leading figures of the Neapolitan and national tailoring.
His tailored suits,of refined cut and unmistakable quality, are appreciated by many political figures, as well as by important names of the local and national entrepreneurship and respected professionals, earning the attention of newspapers and magazines, which often celebrate his reputation as undisputed master. 
The extraordinary ability of Gino Cimmino proudly transcends national boundaries: his suits are required and exported abroad in Japan and the Netherlands.